Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age do I need to be to get in?

A: Our club is always 21+ and over and we require government issued photo identification.  If you are in an unique situation, please click here to see our policy

Q: I lost an item at your club, how do I get it back?

A: We do our best to recover and return any lost items we find.  Please use the form below or call 323.462.0006 between the hours of 10am-6pm Tuesday-Friday


**Please note that due to the volume of lost items, we can only hold items for 2 weeks before they are donated**

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Generally, the dress code is upscale, trendy and fashionable.  That said, the dress code can change depending on the event. We do allow jeans, hats and sneakers but it is at the doorman's discretion  as to whether those items are acceptable

Q: Can I reserve a table without bottle service?

A: Unfortunately we only provide tables to our customers who purchase bottle service.  See the reservations tab for more information

Q: There is no link for purchasing tickets to an event, what do I do?

A:  A few of our more exclusive events are bottle service oriented.  In these cases, you can reserve a table to guarantee entry and some GA tickets are released at the door

Q: I would like to work at Le Jardin, how do I apply?

A: While we are currently fully staffed, you can apply here for your resume to be kept on file in the event that we do resume hiring.  

Lost and Found

Phone: 323.463.0008

Address: 1430 N Cahuenga Blv

Hollywood, CA 90028


GENERAL INQUIRIES // 323.463.0006

1430 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood California 90028